history of visualization / visualization in history

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history of visualization / visualization in history

April 8, 2017


This workshop brings together historians, sociologists and anthropologists studying practices of data visualization with historians and social scientists using many of those practices in the pursuit of history. The goal is a more reflective critical practice of visualizations within the social sciences and a less anachronistic technical history of data visualization practices, by bringing together the methodological sophistication of science and technology studies, digitial humanities, and media theory.

held at


at Butler Library, Columbia University

with the support of the Sloan Foundation, the Center for Science and Society, and the Leibniz Fund


time name title
9:00-9:20 Introductions
9:25-10:00 Alex Compolo Perception and Processing: Cognitive Influences on Data Visualization
10:05-10:40 Matthew Jones Visualizing data and augmenting cognition from John Tukey to ggplot2
10:40-11:00 coffee break
11:00-11:40 Ted Byfield Six Miles From Earth, Loosed From Its Dream of Life.
11:40-1:00 LUNCH
1:00-1:35 Lauren Klein Elizabeth Peabody’s Chronological History: Knowledge, Labor, Embodiment, and Design
1:40-2:15 Eamonn Bell Seeing ear to ear: Mixed metaphors in musical data visualization
2:20-2:55 Aaron Plasek New Historical Knowledge: 21st C machine learning to examine mid-20th C ‘trading zones’ of computation 
3-3:10 coffee break
3:10-3:45 Crystal Lee Lining Things Up: Mapping Time, Power, and Politics in Joseph Priestley’s Chart of History.
3:50-4:25 Ben Schmidt Drawing the frontier line at the US Census, 1870-1920
4:30-5:05 Scott Weingart What Networks Argue: Visual Metaphors in History and Historiography
5:10-6:00 everybody up of wrap / reflection

A workshop of the Big Data and Science Studies Cluster of the Center for Science and Society, Columbia.

Please direct all inquiries to Matthew Jones, If you don’t have a Columbia ID, please let me know that you are coming so that I might clear you with the guard.